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Keith Landa landak at marian.edu
Sun Dec 3 23:07:37 EST 1995

I'm scheduled to give a talk in a few months to a general 
audience on the use of genetic information to study human 
history (molecular anthropology, cultural migration, early 
human evolution, that sort of thing).  I'd like to intersperse 
my talk with some video clips covering techniques for analyzing 
population differences in molecular markers and/or actual uses 
of molecular data to examine the history of specific human 
populations.  I thought Nova had some appropriate videos, but 
I'm drawing a blank so far.  I would appreciate any 
recommendations as to video sources.  Please send to:

landak at marian.edu

Keith Landa
Department of Biology
Marian College
3200 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN  46222

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