TIME article: Evolution's Big Bang

coon dog willikh0 at seraph1.sewanee.edu
Mon Dec 11 21:41:52 EST 1995


   i'm not quite an evolutionary biologist yet, but the article in TIME a
couple weeks ago really peaked my interest...  1) i'd love to hear some
reactions from "the pros" on the topic, 2) are any of you as fascinated by
the chaos (complexity) theory-evolution connection as i am?, and 3) who
among you has read the sequal to jurassic park (it is wholly and
completely about this subject...  it even includes the santa fe
institute), and what are your reactions?  Is there anyone from the santa
fe institute lurking about out there?  could you tell me exactly what it
is you do?  I'm a sophomore at the university of the south in sewanee, tn,
and i'm seriously thinking of pointing my studies in this direction.




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