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Konstantin Krutovskii krutovskiik at fsl.orst.edu
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>From: carmean at sfu.ca (Dave Carmean)
>Subject: disequilibrium program
>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:40:13 -0800

>Is any software available to calculate multilocus gametic linkage
>disquilibria?  Weir's 1990 text book 'Genetic Data Analysis' gives a 442
>line Fortran program that looks like it would do the trick, but I'd mangle
>it typing it in and then I'd have to learn Fortran in order to debug it.

>Mary Berbee

1)  LINKDIS  program by Bill Black can calculate two loci  linkage 
disquilibria. It is available through anonymous ftp from Bill Black at 
Colorodo State:

1. Log on to the network
2. ftp lamar.colostate.edu
3. <user:> anonymous
4. <password:> your id
5. cd pub/wcb4
6. binary
7. dir

You will see a long list of compressed files which include many other 
interesting and useful programs and can be transferred and 
unzipped using the PKUNZIP program (which is also available at this 
site if you don't already have it).

2) Genetic Data Analysis package by Paul O. Lewis and Dmitri Zaykin (Version 
1.0 for Windows, November 28, 1995) contains files with  programs based  on
programs used by Bruce S. Weir in his book Genetic Data Analysis, the second 
issue of  which will be distributed by Sinauer Assoc., Inc., along with the 
computer package  in early spring, 1996.

To get this package you have to establish an anonymous ftp session with 
onyx.si.edu, go to the directory 'gdaps/gda' and get the files 'gda1d1.exe' 
(be sure you are in binary mode) and 'readme.txt'.  The readme file contains 
directions on how to unpack the archive once you have it on your PC. You  
will need the password to unpack the file gda1d1.exe (which is a 
self-extracting, password-protected archive).  They need volunteer beta 
testers. So,  if you are seriously interested in this program,  contact POL at 
lewisp at onyx.si.edu.  

Good luck!

Yours, Kostya

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