genotypic disequilibrium

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    David, the following information taken from GENEPOP doc file 
     might be also interesting for you. -Kostya


Version 2, July 1995.

This is an updated version of GENEPOP (v. 1.2) described in:
GENEPOP (version 1.2): A population genetics software for exact tests and 
Journal of Heredity, 1995, 86: 248-249

General information

GENEPOP is a population genetic software package, able to perform two major 
                1) It computes exact tests: for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, for 
population differentiation and for genotypic disequilibrium among pairs of loci.
                2) It converts the input GENEPOP file to formats used by other 
programs, like Biosys (Swofford and Selander, 1981), Fstat (Goudet, 1995) and 
Linkdos (Garnier-Gere and Dillman, 1992) and M. Slatkin's (1993) 
isolation-by-distance program. Lindos and Dist are also provided with GENEPOP, 
with the authorization of their authors (Dist has been modified from M. 
Slatkin's version).

GENEPOP runs on IBM PCs and compatibles (note: GENEPOP seems not to work 
properly with a PowerMAC under a DOS emulation), without any need for extended 
memory. A computer at least as fast as a PC with an Intel 486 processor is 
preferable (but not required) to obtain accurate estimates within a reasonable 
length of time. GENEPOP is not protected, and is available free of charge. How 
to get GENEPOP?
1) if you have ftp (File Transfer Protocol) access, you can download the files 
after an anonymous login to ftp.cefe.cnrs-mop.fr; the files reside under the 
directory "pub/msdos/genepop".
2) if you have an electronic mail that can read binhex or MIME encoded file 
(such as nupop or pc-eudora), send a mail at Raymond at isem.univ-montp2.fr or 
Rousset at isem.univ-montp2.fr, and you will receive the whole package.
3) only if 1 and 2 above failed, you can send two 3.5-in, 1.4 Mo disk, together 
with a stamped envelope with your address written on it, to:

Michel Raymond and François Rousset
Laboratoire de Génétique et Environnement
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution
CC 065, USTL
Place E. Bataillon
34095 Montpellier cedex 05, France
FAX (33) 67 14 36 22

GENEPOP can be freely redistributed but please if you do so, redistribute copies
of all the compressed files, to ensure that you redistribute the entire package.

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