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Mika Salminen msalminen at PASTEUR.HJF.ORG
Wed Dec 20 09:48:34 EST 1995

We are pleased to announce that we have significantly updated the 
Webpage of

The Global Molecular Epidemiology Group

Webpage adress: http://hivgenome.hjf.org/

at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military 
Medicine and the Division of Retrovirology, Walter Reed Army 
of Research, Rockville, MD. 20850

New features include:

* Search and download primer sequences for amplification and 
sequencing of HIV-1 gag and env genes. Search by clade or for 
panel. Includes options for restricting search and incorporates 
measures on primer performance (based on actual records in our lab)

* New manuscript describing "Bootscanning" - a method for the 
detection of recombination among viral sequences

* HIV-1 Phylogenetic trees

* Alignments of HIV-1 gag and env genes, both in Pretty and Computer 
readable format

Please have a look!

Mika Salminen, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Henry M. Jackson Foundation and the MMCARR
Retrovirology, Global Molecular Epidemiology
1600 East Gude Drive, 20850 Rockville, MD
Phone: 301-217-9410, ext. 1045
Fax: 301-762-7460

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