The origin of life.

Kaj Stenberg kstenber at cc.Helsinki.FI
Thu Dec 21 10:49:14 EST 1995

Etsuko Miyamoto (rago at yk.rim.or.jp) wrote:
> Sir,
>  I have a question about chemical evolution. Now the role of 
> rebozime is focuced in the origin of life. But we know the protein 
> is easy to synthesize in eary prebiotic stage from many results
> of experiments. Is it true that the origin of life is started from 
> ribozime? If you have any thought, please tell me.
> Thank you for your kindness!

Since a protein has no information content is a ded end. Even if you
would accidentally synthesize a functioning protein this could not
propagate, wheras nucleic acids can copy their sequence via nucleotide
pairing. Also, functional proteins contain from roughly a hundred amino
acids and up, a ribozyme (see spelling) manages with some 20 nucleotides.


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