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Dmitri Zaykin zaykin at espcbw.stat.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 28 01:42:12 EST 1995

krutovskiik at fsl.orst.edu (Konstantin Krutovskii) wrote:
> carmean at sfu.ca (Dave Carmean) writes:
> >Is any software available to calculate multilocus gametic linkage
> >disquilibria?  Weir's 1990 text book 'Genetic Data Analysis' gives a 442
> >line Fortran program that looks like it would do the trick, but I'd mangle
> >it typing it in and then I'd have to learn Fortran in order to debug it.

> 1)  LINKDIS  program by Bill Black can calculate two loci  linkage
> disquilibria.
> 2) Genetic Data Analysis package by Paul O. Lewis and Dmitri Zaykin (Version
> 1.0 for Windows, November 28, 1995) contains files with  programs based  on
> programs used by Bruce S. Weir in his book Genetic Data Analysis, the second
> issue of  which will be distributed by Sinauer Assoc., Inc., along with the
> computer package  in early spring, 1996.
> To get this package you have to establish an anonymous ftp session with
> onyx.si.edu, go to the directory 'gdaps/gda' and get the files 'gda1d1.exe'
> (be sure you are in binary mode) and 'readme.txt'.

Right now the above mentioned archive contains the population structure
and phylogeny trees part. Originally we started from writing two separate
programs, of which second one had the disequilibrium code. Now we are
in a process of merging them under one interface.

We plan to finish in the beginning of 1996, then the program will contain
disequilibrium analysis as well. In addition to the methods described in
the previous edition of Bruce Weir's book, it will have the multilocus exact
test implemented (the one described in D. Zaykin, L. Zhivotovsky & B.S. Weir,
1995. Exact test for association between alleles at arbitrary number of loci.
Genetica 96: 169-178).

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