Need help:araucaria, phyllocladus, podocarpus

J. Lang btb501 at btr0x2.btr0x1.hrz.uni-bayreuth.de
Thu Feb 2 08:11:36 EST 1995

We are working in the field of systematic and evolutionary botany. During the
last years we have characterized cDNAs encoding the ubiquitous seed storage
protein legumin using it as a molecular marker to evaluate phylogenetic
relationships within gymnosperms and to reconstruct early seed plant evolution.
For construction of cDNA libraries we are dependend on developing endosperm from
immature seeds, the only tissue from which legumin encoding messenger RNAs can
be isolated. However we have some problems to obtain such material from
Araucaria (or Agathis), Phyllocladus and from Podocarpus (or another member of
the Podocarpaceae). Therefore we like to ask whether there is any possibility to
get some of these plant materials from you or whether you can name us somebody
who can help us in this matter.- We would be grateful for a short message (FAX
or email).


Klaus-Peter Haeger

K.P. Haeger
Department of Plant Systematics
University of Bayreuth
internet jens.lang at btr0x2.hrz.uni-bayreuth.de
voice  ++49-(0)921-55-2455
fax      ++49-(0)921-55-2786

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