Human/Chimp DNA Homology

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Wed Feb 1 20:06:32 EST 1995

In article <bullock.92.2F2EC228 at kea.lincoln.ac.nz>, bullock at kea.lincoln.ac.nz (Bullock, David) writes:
> Statements along the lines that human and chimpanzee genes (DNA?) share over 
> 90% sequence homology are commonly bandied about.  Does this refer to gene 
> sequences or to total DNA (presumably from hybridisation kinetics)?  If 
> anyone can provide references to original papers I would be grateful, as my 
> Boolian logic or the database indexing has not proved equal to the task.

The actual similarity is 98 or 99 percent.  The original work was based
on various kinds of molecular data, not including DNA sequencing.
The original paper was by King and Wilson, published in Science.
Unfortunately, I can't remember the year--sometime in the 70's?

-Richard Halliburton

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