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Corey Braastad s14509cb at umassd.edu
Sat Feb 4 17:04:22 EST 1995

	I have a friend who is intently searching for a particular Biochemistry
text book.  I'm wondering if anyone can help me locate a copy of this book
& would be willing to sell me a copy?  The publisher is Prentice Hall
but they have not been able to help me in locating the book.  One of the
authors is Horton the book is Biochemistry.  Its a black book with a small
3"X5" square picture in the middle.  The predominant color of the square
picture is blue or purple.  I think the title is written in yellow on the spine
of the book.  The ISBN # is not I repeat NOT   0-13-042409-9.  Any help on
obtaining a copy of the book would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance,
	Corey Braastad
	UMass at Dartmouth
	Genetics & Molecular Biology

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