Crangonyctidae(Stygobromus, Crangonyx)

Rukshana N. Cader RC4920A at american.edu
Sat Feb 4 20:53:19 EST 1995

Dear readers,
    I hope that I am writing this in the correct place, and if I am not, I
apologize.  I am doing my thesis work on two genera Crangonyx, and Stygobromus,
from the family Crangonyctidae.  I am looking at the optic and olfactory
sensory arears in the central nervous system.  I would like to know if anyone
can supply me with references regarding these organisms  in terms of any other
work that has been done on the, or specifically on their central nervous system
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
                                               Yours Sincerely R.C.

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