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gisela hoschek hoschek at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Wed Feb 8 13:33:59 EST 1995

      Editors and reviewers let me know that there is a need for help to
authors of research papers to be submitted for publication in English or
for grant applications to English speaking sources.  I would like to help
(translating and/or proof-reading) where my expertise qualifies me:
molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics. I am not looking for
employment, but would like to work with individual authors. Since I
recently retired from the lab bench for health reasons, I want to stay
connected and active, and put to use the skills and knowledge I acquired
over the last 20 years. I have worked mainly in the field of plant
molecular genetics (UCLA and UCSD), with excursions into entomology
(bacculoviruses) and cancer research (in tissue culture). I speak German
fluently, and French enough to understand. For more INFO please contact me:

e-mail: hoschek at jeeves.ucsd.edu
tel.: (619) 944-4233

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