%G+C calculation ??

Asim Choudhri linus at picard.cs.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 9 13:01:37 EST 1995

bradleys at willow.uml.edu wrote:
: Hi all,

: Does anyone know of a program (freeware/shareware) that calculates %  G+C for
: a given DNA seq.?

: T.I.A.

: Sean  en>'

If you want, I can write one for you...  all you have to do is tell me
what the format of the sequence you give me will be (a plain text file
would be easiest), and what type of computer you work on, and i can
write it.  If you have no luck elsewhere, or are otherwise interested,
email me.


linus at picard.cs.wisc.edu, asim at macc.wisc.edu

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