Genome Research Refutes Evolution

Periannan Senapathy sena at genome.com
Mon Feb 13 11:26:55 EST 1995


     As a molecular biologist and genome researcher,
I have enjoyed following the many ongoing debates in this
and other forums over evolution theory--both as a whole,
and various aspects thereof.  My own work in genome mechanics
and genetic molecular structures has yielded much evidence
pertaining to these debates, and over the years I have
published several of my findings in PNAS, J Molec Biol,
J Biol Chem, Nucleic Acids Research, Science and other journals.
    Until recently I have published these findings separately,
although clearly they are all related.  Now, however, I am
publishing a single unified theory that incorporates all
of these pieces--and an enormous body of other evidence as well.
This new unified theory proposes a radically alternative
explanation for the origin and diversity of life on Earth,
asserting that most of Earth's organisms must have originated
independently in one primordial pond, and that the
natural-selection mechanism described by evolution theories
could have produced only minor variations among essentially
similar species.  These conclusions surely will provoke a
lively debate in the scientific community, but a fair reading
of the theory will show that it easily explains all of the
available evidence--molecular, biochemical, organismal
and fossil--and notably accommodates all of the contra-evolution
evidence that has dogged evolutionists since Darwin.

    To stimulate and inform the debate, I have prepared a
Web Page for the World-Wide Web that provides much more
information about the theory, including the complete text
of the Preface and first chapter of my new book,
"Independent Birth of Organisms"--a comprehensive articulation
of the entire theory.  If you are interested in more information
you are  invited to browse these materials at


These materials, and the book itself, are engagingly written
to be accessible to educated lay readers, but the book is also
fully annotated with my research and other technical data for
scientific corroboration.

    If you do not have access to the World-Wide Web, you may
obtain more information via gopher at:


in the Genome International directory or by sending email to:

        listserv at fullfeed.com

leaving the subject line blank and typing

        get genome catalog

in the body of the message. You will receive a catalog of 
available files and instructions.

-- Periannan Senapathy, Ph.D.

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