Genome Research Refutes Evolution

Xuhua Xia xuhua at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
Tue Feb 14 13:34:01 EST 1995

Periannan Senapathy (sena at genome.com) wrote:
:      As a molecular biologist and genome researcher,
: I have enjoyed following the many ongoing debates in this
: and other forums over evolution theory--both as a whole,
: and various aspects thereof. My own work in genome mechanics
: and genetic molecular structures has yielded much evidence
: pertaining to these debates, and over the years I have
: published several of my findings in PNAS, J Molec Biol,
: J Biol Chem, Nucleic Acids Research, Science and other journals.

Maynard-Smith once wrote that, to molecular biologists, he would
just say that people had been thinking about evolution for a long
time and that many of their ideas are worthy of consideration.

After reading Dr. Senapathy's www pages, I should like to suggest 
that he follow Maynard-Smith's advice and get to know the main ideas
of evolutionary biologists. Science has developed into
so many diverging branches that a competent scientist in one branch
may be entirely naive in another.

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