Catalytic RNA design and SELEX

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Sun Feb 19 15:30:21 EST 1995

I have recently encountered the technique of Systematic Evolution of
Ligands by EXponential enrichment whereby a random RNA population generated
via in vitro T7 transcription of synthetic DNA templates is "enriched" (by
chromatography?) through a column containing the ligand (transition state
analog for ribozyme selection, I would assume) of which one wants the RNA
to bind.  Those RNAs that are retained in the column are then cloned and
analyzed for activity.  Now then, I am wondering if anyone knows of a
specific example of a catalytic RNA synthesized in this fashion and the
reaction catalyzed, including all appropriate constants etc...  I am
familiar with Thom Cech's work and others, but this was heretofore unknown
by myself.  Thank you, and a reply by e-mail would be best.    

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