Catalytic RNA design and SELEX

E. T. Schaffner schaffet at ucsub.Colorado.EDU
Mon Feb 20 16:13:22 EST 1995

Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona> writes:

>I do not know of specific examples but you could look into Larry Gold's 
>work, also from CU Boulder...it was his lab that created the technique 
>and it was Larry who used it as the basis of starting a company (the name 
>escapes me at the moment) also in Boulder, CO.  

The name of Gold's Boulder company is Nexxagen.  If you want a list of his
recent publications, I can e-mail them to you.  From his research interests
list, he seems to be using SPERT and SELEX in his current research.


			   Eric T. Schaffner
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