Catalytic RNA design and SELEX

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Mon Feb 20 01:54:14 EST 1995

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Your Name wrote:
> I have recently encountered the technique of Systematic Evolution of
> Ligands by EXponential enrichment whereby a random RNA population generated
> via in vitro T7 transcription of synthetic DNA templates is "enriched" (by
> chromatography?) through a column containing the ligand  Now then, I am 
> wondering if anyone knows of a
> specific example of a catalytic RNA synthesized in this fashion and the
> reaction catalyzed, including all appropriate constants etc... 

I do not know of specific examples but you could look into Larry Gold's 
work, also from CU Boulder...it was his lab that created the technique 
and it was Larry who used it as the basis of starting a company (the name 
escapes me at the moment) also in Boulder, CO.  


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