Two-component signalling in yeast?

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 24 14:41:58 EST 1995

Keith Robison (robison at lipid.harvard.edu) wrote:
: S. LaBonne (labonnes at csc.albany.edu) wrote:
: : I have a vague recollection of seeing, not too many months ago, a paper
: : reporting the cloning of yeast homologues of a bacteria-like histidine
: : kinase and/or response regulator.  Having stupidly failed to note the
: : reference at the time, I am wondering whether anyone reading this newsgroup
: : might be able to provide it.  Thanks!

(search suggestions deleted)
I tried out my own advice and had very poor luck.  Finally, I did
find the citation in Medline:

A yeast protein similar to bacterial two-component regulators
Ota IM; Varshavsky A 
Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena 91125. 
Science 262: 566-9 (1993) 

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