Two-component signalling in yeast?

Keith Robison robison at lipid.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 24 08:17:10 EST 1995

S. LaBonne (labonnes at csc.albany.edu) wrote:
: I have a vague recollection of seeing, not too many months ago, a paper
: reporting the cloning of yeast homologues of a bacteria-like histidine
: kinase and/or response regulator.  Having stupidly failed to note the
: reference at the time, I am wondering whether anyone reading this newsgroup
: might be able to provide it.  Thanks!

Have you tried searching the protein databases?  I suspect if you
play around a little with keyword searching on SwissProt, you could
find these proteins (I'm pretty sure more than one yeast 2-component
signalling system has been identified).  For example, using 
the definition search at ExPASy ( http://expasy.hcuge.ch/ ) you might

	_yeast histidine kinase

(ExPASy will and these)

Or, you might try going through Entrez.   This would let you 
throw in some additional info.  For example, while I am just
as foggy on the actual papers, I'm pretty sure one was in Cell
and published by Gerry Fink.  

If you don't have Network Entrez installed locally (how any 
molecular biology establishment gets by without it is beyond me),
you could go through NCBI's Web page:


Good luck!

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
Department of Genetics / HHMI

robison at mito.harvard.edu 


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