Two-component signalling in yeast?

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>Or, you might try going through Entrez.   This would let you 
>throw in some additional info.  For example, while I am just
>as foggy on the actual papers, I'm pretty sure one was in Cell
>and published by Gerry Fink.  

That rings a bell- as you say, should be easy to use Entrez
to find it.  Thanks a lot!

>If you don't have Network Entrez installed locally (how any 
>molecular biology establishment gets by without it is beyond me),
>you could go through NCBI's Web page:
>	http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

Let me put in a plug for this also.  While our department has Entrez
on CD-ROM on a couple of Macs in a common computer room, we don't
have Network Entrez yet, and the Web page above is really handy
for accessing from the workstation in our lab.  Its literature
search functions work quite nicely.

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