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John Sawicki BWAF90A at prodigy.com
Thu Jan 5 04:03:28 EST 1995

Does war select for nothing?  I am not quite so sure.  Take for instance 
a group of soldiers fighting in some foriegn area, I would bet that some 
are more resistant to the diseases of that area.  Take for instance 
certain individuals that are remarkebly resistant to radiation damage in 
post Hiroshima.  There will always be exceptions to selection factors, 
and those individuals will go on to reproduce.  For the statement "war 
selects for nothing" to be true, you must accept that war does not expose 
large groups of people to various selection factors.  That, is ridiculous.
  Whether, nuclear, malnutrition, the thousands of potentially fatal 
microbes, cold, or many other selection factors that have been associated 
with war over the years, they all have affected large groups of people, 
and some of those people have a natural resistance.  Now to what degree 
war selects, or exposes individuals to selection factors, is debatable, 
however,  the general statement that war selects for nothing is surely 
Replies appreciated.

  BWAF90A at prodigy.com

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