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Green People

Braxton bsheaff at epix.net
Wed Jan 18 00:35:38 EST 1995

In article <9501172326.AA25876 at bambi.ccs.fau.edu>, tomh at BAMBI.CCS.FAU.EDU
(Tom Holroyd) wrote:

> true, but could we genetically engineer chloroplasts to live in
> human skin cells, to *supplement* our food intake?

  Well maybe--but for lunch every day, you get your dose of future skin
cancer. But that is an easy compromise-no to be too facetious but with the
right set of grow lights you could avoid skin cancer, have snack and avoid
seasonal depression all in the same sitting.  
  I got a post at home from someone who said if I understand it correctly,
you'd need a skin the size of a tennis court to feed yourself. That would
put you basically stationary.

  I'd be curious as to the largest moving 'thing' that still incorporates
chloroplasts. The euglena is one celled, the volvox I believe is around
150 cells and still doesn't have any neural net. It is basically a sphere
of individuals with flagella that are 'glued' together. Their
communication as I recall is chemical and their travel is pretty
disorganized. I've forgotten my early biology but I think the next step up
is sponges...I don't know whether any of them still have chloroplasts


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