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Green People...

ShereKhan mjg5 at ukc.ac.uk
Sun Jan 29 15:08:44 EST 1995

>My teachings this sester include Euglena, the mobile autotrophic protist.
>I think that is about as close as you will come to a plant-like animal at
>least that I have seen.  

Well, the closest we could get to a 'plant-like, animal-like organism',
as I do believe such microbes are classed as Protista.  But anyway, it
proves even more that there is no animal that has ever evolved its own
means of autotrophic nutrition, let alone specifically photosynthesis!

Generally, all phototrophs are known to be producers and in no way
consumers (you may like to argue this case with Venus fly traps etc.)
And, all other 'higher' organisms depend on these very producers for
a primary food source, whether directly or indirectly if the animal 
concerned is a carnivore.  Animals have a nervous system and a higher
metabolic activity due to this and the active organs present within,
so therefore just face it people, the process of photosynthesis cannot
be a sufficient energy provider for all this metabolic/catabolic activity.

Cheers fellow scientist dudes!

Marc Greener,  (undergrad Biochem)
Biological Laboratory,
Uni of Kent.

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