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> There is a series of articles about Evolution in the August 8, 1995 issue
> of Awake! magazine. If you are interested in reading them, contact
> Jehovah's Witnesses in your area at the local Kingdom Hall or by telephone
> to obtain a copy of the magazine.

Oh, I do love it...The JW's as a source of info on evolution!  What 
next?  God, TF (0000).  In the beginning.  Bible 1 (1): 1-10 (Word of 
God Press, Heaven).  Better I trust the WOG as it comes to me on my 
screen direct:


Was the Cosmic Bubble
And the Bubble was without form
And brightness was upon the face of the void

A few milliseconds later
Expansion had occurred
And the Universe was lumpy
As it is, lo, unto this day

And the plasma cooled, and the atoms associated
And condensation occurred, into clouds and planetesimals
And complex molecules came to be, hydrocarbons among them
Yea, and formaldehyde (HCHO) too came to be
And this was important
As it was used in so many of the pathways that followed

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