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Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Tue Jul 11 16:42:24 EST 1995

>  So, the evolutionary reason to have diploid genes could be to provide
>  backup facility against the faulty (recessive) genes, right? This point
>  of view suggests that the AB blood could be some kind of mistake, altought
>  it works fine?
>  I don't know if this sounds stupid (I know very little about biology :-)
>  BTW: Is there FAQ for this group?
>  Kimmo
Diploid Genome is also a good way of increasing diversity by the mixing (recombination)
between the alleles from each parent of the organism (i.e. the mixing of alleles from your mother
and your father determine 50%of  the mix of alleles  your children will inherit,  the remaining 50% from
your spouse).  Diploidy and sex are linked quite intimately as it where <grin>.

AB blood may be of use to someone down the road (in generations against
some new blood disease or virus, who knows what Nature could concoct) but for now
as long as it doesn't provide serious problems for you in your ability to produce offspring
it will be maintained in the population... if not by popping up in the offspring of people of
A and B blood types.  


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