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To dear whom it may concern:
	I am writing this letter to see if you can save my life.
	Since I was a middle school student, I have started to be very interested in evolutionary theory. 
	Generally speaking, almost every aspect of life science is interesting, but evolutionary is the most fantastic. My enthusiasm in evolution led me to major in genetics at Department of Biology, Wuhan University after my high school education, though I was able to enter any area in any university at that time in China; Also it's the reason I got the highest score in the class of my favorite undergraduate course "Population Genetics"; And it's the same reason that led me to study Biostatistics in Department 
of Statistics, The Ohio State University, trying to strengthen my power in dealing with evolutionary problems -- this is special if you think it's very rare for a Chinese student to greatly change his major solely for the purpose of satisfying his or her scientific interest; And, you know, this is the exactly reason I am posting this letter here.
	I love evolutionary theory maybe because I have questions about "classical" Darwinism, or maybe just because the theory is so beautiful, or maybe both. I came to the United States with my personal idea (?) of "acquired characteristics can be passed on to the next generation somehow to some extent in some circumstances" without knowing the name of "adaptive mutation" or "directed mutation". Now I still think my idea may be right and "adaptive mutation" may not actually be a DNA or protein mutation, e.g., i
t can be a special regulation status and this latter mechanism seems to be more favorable.    
	I have a B.S. of genetics and I am going to get a M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular biology this summer from KU Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. As you can see in the resume enclosed, I have learned most basic molecular biology and biochemistry techniques. My maths and general physics are relatively strong, and the 1 year study in statistics benefits me with familiarity with computer programming and most statistics applications. All these molecular biology, biochemistry, computer science and statisti
cs skills may be helpful for evolutionary study, though the most important factors might be enthusiasm and ideas.
	I am graduating this summer and looking for a job, planning to be a graduate student again two or three years later. You are an evolutionary ADULT, and I am an evolutionary KID. If there is ANY chance that you (or even somebody around you!) can offer me a position like Research Associate, Research Assistant, or Lab Technician so that I can sense real evolutionary research, please contact me and we can talk more about the possibility! 
	Working to keep alive is easy, but working on what one is interested in makes his life meaningful. Now you know what I mean by "save my life". 
	Thank you very much!

Mousheng Xu	

Resumes available upon request

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