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Evolution? Can anyone really believe this?

Vernon Lovic (REH) lovic at luna.cas.usf.edu
Thu Jun 15 21:42:22 EST 1995

Hi all.  I realize I am about to be the target of some flames, but here 
goes anyway.  

I am aware that DNA contains the building code of the organism.  I am 
aware that it is an extremely involved sequence of code that determines 
even the most minute characteristics of the organism to which it 
belongs.  The length of a hair follicle on the forearm of a man, or it's 
diameter, or it's color is all included in the coding.  Am I correct so 
far?  I am aware that the nucleotides are ordered into a pattern that 
determines the various characteristics.

What I am completely at a loss for, and I believe everyone in the 
scientific community is at a loss for is describing how the cell uses 
this extremely complex sequence of nucleotides to build an organism as 
complex as a human being--or even a plant!  I must assume that the cell 
is able to decode this sequence (which only recently have scientists 
themselves with some of the most sensitive instruments available to man 
been able to accomplish in only simple organisms so far) and to 
specialize each cell into that which is required.  Please take note.  I 
am saying that within each cell must be the ability to decode the DNA and 
to realize where this cell itself is in the process of cell division (is 
it the 1st?  the 64th?  the millionth?  etc.) it must then transform 
itself into the specialized cell which is required (is it a brain cell?  
A toenail?  A hair follicle cell?) for building the complete organism.  
If the cell itself is not responsible for this decoding and 
differentiation, then some other group of cells must be responsible.  Are 
these the brain cells of the developing organism?  

I'm trying hard to make this clear, but I guess my primary argument is 
that SOMETHING is in control of the entire process of cell 
differentiation within the developing organism.  To say that the DNA is 
the master code that determines an organisms characteristics is not 
telling us anything that reveals the process behind the decoding of the 
DNA resulting in a functioning organism!  Is every cell within our body 
capable of decoding it's DNA and assigning itself to a position within 
the development of the organism depending on that code?  

If someone can explain to me how that happens I have yet more questions!  

Picture a developing human being as the combination of the two sex cells 
M and F.  From this cell must multiply literally trillions of cells.  
Each differentiated cell must move to the spot (in 3-dimensional space) 
where it will grow into the desired characteristic of the organism (i.e. 
a brain cell must move toward the head area and find it's place among the 
other brain cells--or, start it's own area of brain cells if it is the 
first).  If the cells just develop in a mass and then later differentiate 
then what is the process whereby a brain cell differentiates into such 
and a bone cell in the skull of the individual right next to the brain 
cell develops into its own kind of cell?  What regulates that?  What is 
there to tell each cell to be it's own kind?  And, does this "brain" 
reside within each cell or is it a group of cells?  

This "brain" that guides the differentiation of cells and controls the 
number of each type of cell in the human body and the characteristics of 
the cells is much more powerful than a supercomputer!  Is there a 
superbrain within each cell?  Can anyone enlighten me here?  What is the 
mechanism that controls all the billions of chemical reactions that must 
occur to create the millions of kinds of differentiated cells?  If you 
can answer that, then think of what controls the group of specialized 
cells and forms them into functioning organs?  Organ systems?  It's 
totally unbelievable that something so complex can be regulated by 
something so small (a cell) with such amazing attention to detail.

Any responses?  Either Email or post here.


No, I am not a creationist, I am just a disbeliever in evolution 
according to a lot of very basic ideas.  Feel free to shed some light if 
you can.  



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