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Evolution? Can anyone really believe this?

Robert B. Hole rbh2 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Fri Jun 16 17:38:39 EST 1995

I've just got to respond to this line. Some of the questions (okay, MOST 
of the questions) are very good ones.
Just because you, or I, or at the present anyone doesn't know how DNA 
does something doesn't make it not happen.
We don't fully understand 
gravity (my physicist friends keep telling me), yet that doesn't make 
gravity wrong.
Just because we don't have a clear picture of how the weather works does 
not automatically mean some outside force is controlling it.
ALL ALL ALL it means is that we don't yet understand!
There is some understanding of the mechanism controlling how genes 
function in controlling cell growth, division and diferentiation (check 
out a recent developmental biology text - it's probably five years out of 
date, as texts often are, but you'll find a lot of the answers there). 
Our understanding is 
incomplete. But remember, we've known about genes for less than 150 
years, and we've known the structure of DNA for fewer than 50.
We've been working on gravity since Og dropped a rock on his foot in his 
cave (pardon me if that sounds a bit silly, I'm a silly person) and we 
don't know everything about gravity (as I said).
It's just complicated!!
Did everyone understand algebra the first time it was shown to them? And 
it's EASY in comparison.

Robert Hole, Jr.
Dept. Biol. Sci.
Mississippi State Univ.
(Just because I don't understand, doesn't make it wrong)

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