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HELP : Looking for Amphioxus RNAs

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Fri Jun 30 11:39:02 EST 1995

Dear Frank,
I've appended a list of all my refs on Amphioxus. Some of the recent ones
might give you researchers to contact.. Good luck! -Dick Gordon,

On 26 Jun 1995 Unknown at net.bio.net wrote:

> Dear bionetworkers,
> Desperately looking for total RNAs or mRNAs from Amphioxus. Whether these RNAs originate from
>  i) a liver-like organ or ii) the complete animal or iii) the central third of it, is OK for
> our project. The purpose is to test by Northern blot how early two ancestral genes currently 
> gathered within a single modern gene in vertebrates have been assembled during evolution. Are
> these genes found in a tandem arrangement in the amphioxus as well?
> Waiting for a reply,
> Frank
References on Amphioxus
from Dick Gordon's Bibliography

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physiological properties of a fast paramyosin muscle - the notochord of 
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