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Postdoctoral Position Announcement

Russell L.Chapman btruss at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU
Mon Mar 27 13:29:32 EST 1995


LSU is offering a postdoctoral position beginning after 1 May l995.
Applicants should review the attached list of participating faculty and
select one (or a combination) that most closely matches their research
interests. Applicants should then contact that person to determine if the
faculty member is willing to sponsor their application. It is up to the
faculty member and the postdoctoral candidate to determine the nature of
the research. The applicant will then prepare a three-page proposal (single
spaced, one side of page) outlining the research. Include a budget that
indicates how the project can be accomplished with $2,000/year for supplies
and $500/year for travel. If the faculty sponsor has agreed to absorb
additional costs, or the candidate plans to supply other funds, this should
be indicated. Include a CV and arrange for three letters of recommendation
to be sent (address below). Awards lasting one or two years will be
considered, and the applicant should give careful thought to the
feasibility of completing the proposed research within this time period.

Soon after the closing date, 30 April l995, applications will be reviewed
and the awardee selected. Initiation of employment is dependent upon
completion of the Ph.D. degree (or institutional certification that it has
been filed). LSU will provide standard staff benefits and a salary of
$25,000 per annum.

This position is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of
Louisiana in an effort to enhance the study of molecular evolution in
Louisiana. The successful applicant will be expected to participate in
seminar programs and to interact actively with faculty and other
postdoctoral members of the group.

Send a hardcopy of application materials to Dr. Frederick H. Sheldon,
Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
70803, tel. (504 ) 388-2855, fax (504) 388-3075, email:
fsheld at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu.



MEREDITH BLACKWELL, Professor, Department of Plant Biology, tel. (504)
388-8485, email: btblac at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Phylogenetic reconstruction of
ascomycetous fungi using DNA sequencing and cladistic analysis. Analysis of
convergence and parallelism in arthropod dispersed fungi.

RUSSELL L. CHAPMAN, Professor, Department of Plant Biology, tel. (504)
388-8485, email: btruss at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Studies on the phylogeny of
algae and bryophytes based on cladistic analysis

of gene sequences and organismal characters (including ultrastructural

DAVID W. FOLTZ, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology & Physiology,
tel. (504) 388-1737, email: zodfol at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Population and
evolutionary genetics of marine invertebrates.

DAVID A. GOOD, Assistant Curator, Museum of Natural Science, tel. (504)
388-2855, email: nagood at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Analyses of geographic and
phylogenetic variation patterns in amphibians and reptiles. Use of
morphological characters and biochemical characters elucidated through
protein electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, and other techniques.

MARK S. HAFNER, Curator, Museum of Natural Science, tel. (504) 388-3083,
email: namark at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Molecular systematics of mammals and
studies of host-parasite coevolution. Comparative molecular studies of the
rate and pattern of genetic differentiation in mammalian hosts and their

DOROTHY P. PASHLEY, Professor, Department of Entomology, tel. (504)
388-1820, email: enpash at lsuvax.sncc.lsu.edu. Population genetics,
evolutionary ecology, and systematics of insects using molecular methods.

FREDERICK H. SHELDON, Associate Curator, Museum of Natural Science, tel.
(504) 388-2855, email: fsheld at lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu. Molecular systematics and
evolution of birds.

MICHAEL STINE, Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry, Wildlife and
Fisheries, tel. (504) 388-4137. Use of molecular studies of DNA to
investigate geographic and phylogenetic variation in forest trees.

LOWELL E. URBATSCH, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology, tel.
(504) 388-8485, email: lurbats at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu. Use of chloroplast DNA
to investigate phylogenetic variation in flowering plants.

* Dr. Russell L. Chapman, Associate Vice-Chancellor                    *
* Office of Research and Economic Development                          *
* Louisiana State University                                           *
* Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2755  U.S.A.                                   *
*                                                                      *
* PHONE: 504-388-5843                                                  *
* FAX: 504-388-5983                                                    *
* EMAIL: BTRUSS at LSUVM.SNCC.LSU.EDU                                     *
* Laboratory: Dept. of Plant Biology, LSU, B.R., LA, U.S.A. 70803-1705 *
* PHONE: 504-388-8771   FAX: 504-388-5489                              *

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