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Scientific Censorship and Evolution

Marc Robinson robinson at evoserv.univ-lyon1.fr.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Mar 30 03:24:08 EST 1995

In article 278 at milton.win-uk.net, richard at milton.win-uk.net (Richard Milton) writes:
[among other things]
>In 1981,  molecular biologists working under Dr Morris 
>Goodman at Ann Arbor University decided to test this hypothesis.  
>They took the alpha haemoglobin DNA of two reptiles -- a snake 
>and a crocodile -- which are said by Darwinists to be closely 
>related, and the haemoglobin DNA of a bird, in this case a 
>farmyard chicken.

The admitted relationship between these animals and some others, based on
paleontological evidence and compared anatomy is :

snake lizard crocodile bird mammal
    \ /          \      /     |
     \            \    /      |
      \            \  /       |
       \            \/        |
        \           /         |
         \_________/          |

In a serie of articles Hedges et al (1990 and following) challenged this
phylogeny based on molecular evidence, then came back to it.

So you see, molecular and palentological evidence fully agree here. Your
use of the term "reptiles" shows how little you know about vertebrate
phylogeny, since this grouping has long been recognized as paraphyletic,
as for "fishes".

As for the rest of your objections, try reading some elementary books
on molecular evolution, starting with "The neutral theory of molecular
evolution" (Kimura 1983). The whole level of your "science" is resumed
by defining a snail as "a glob of slime in a shell". Try dissecing
one once.


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