Evolution has stopped?

ShereKhan mjg5 at ukc.ac.uk
Mon May 1 04:45:39 EST 1995

In article <3nub61$d3g at oznet03.ozemail.com.au> scunge at ozemail.com.au (Mark Wann) writes:

>Aaargh! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's just that the concept
>that evolution has stopped, in any sense, is the result of a humano-centric
>viewpoint. ........ 

>...........the world's tuna.............
>Mark "Scunge" Wann                 

Thanx a  lot for your follow-up.  I think you are right that evolution 
hasn't stopped, even if I do contradict my former attitude.  I guess it is
evident that maybe Man is the only cause of the evolutionary processes now?
What I mean is, I feel that evolution that occurs now (such as the tuna 
size) are through a result of artificial selection due to human influence.
Another example may be isolation of species after the construction of
highways, rather than the drifting apart of islands.  Maybe this human 
influenced evolution is a much faster process and so results in only 
elementary changes like colour or size, rather than more radicle morphological
adaptations that have arisen over the millions of years. (?)


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