Evolution has stopped + funny chaos feeling

ShereKhan mjg5 at ukc.ac.uk
Wed May 3 08:01:09 EST 1995

Ok.  From all the follow-ups there have been I now feel that evolution is 
indeed a process that is still going on.  But I also agree with the person
(cant remember name) who says that chaos `theory` may well have some effect
on the process.  Arent random genetic mutations a large cause of evolutionary
change....causing some beneficial or even detrimental changes on the phenotype
of the organism?  
Evolution may still be carrying on but will the human morph change in a dramatic
way as a result of this in the future?  I personally feel that the actual morph 
of humans is perfect for it`s surroundings.  Biochemical improvements may result
through evolution in humans but thats all (isnt it?)


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