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Fri May 5 07:48:19 EST 1995

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JAMES O. MCINERNEY <James.Mcinerney at UCG.IE> wrote:

>There is a program on the expasy server called macfitch for the mac (obviously)
>but when it is retrieved and de-binhexed (and then becomes a stuffit archive)
>it is password protected.  Is this program on the server just for certain
>people to download? is there an un-passworded version somewhere? I am presuming
>this program constructs phylogenetic trees using the fitch and margoliash

I know nothing about this server (even where it is), but if it's a binary of
my program FITCH for the Macintosh, that can be obtained in the binary
executables for Macintosh of PHYLIP.  There would be no reason to password
protect it, though it's not great to distribute it shorn of all reasonable

But then, it may be some other program ...

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