Funny Feeling about Chaos

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Fri May 5 07:41:19 EST 1995

In article <3o7vct$jad at decaxp.harvard.edu>,
Keith Robison <robison at mito.harvard.edu> wrote:
>Actually, I'm trying to get a thread going on this in sci.bio.evolution.
>I would argue:
>	2) That the distinction between Lamarckian and Darwinian
>	   evolution becomes less distinct in unicellular organisms,
>	   because there is no division between soma and germline.

Unicellular organisms are not the only ones where the germline-soma division
is absent, no? It wasn't all that long ago when a paper appeared in Nature
describing rather vast forests as being composed of clonally related trees.
Although I don't remember the paper in detail, the argument was that the
trees were vegetative-propagation-derived. Cuttings, in other words, on an
enormous scale, and not man-made.

Corrections & elaborations welcome, of course. Robison's on to a perfectly
valid point.

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