Program for tree comparison II

Korbinian Strimmer strimmer at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Fri May 5 03:23:54 EST 1995

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago I posted a request for a program that takes
two trees (described in the NH format) and gives an answer
about the possible identity of these trees. In the meantime
I have written by myself a small utility that I called
"Compare2Trees" that does precisely this job. It is *heavily*
based on the CONSENSE program from Joe Felsenstein. As I
think some more people would like to use it than me alone
here is a short "users manual":

------------------------- MANUAL ---------------------------

Source files:   compare2trees.c
                Just email me, and I will be happy to send you
                everything (I don't want to clutter this
                newsgroup with the source code)
Installation:   UNIX: just type make and you are finished
                MAC:  create a project file in your favourite
                      c compiler, include the ANSI library and
                      the compare2trees.c file and compile
                PC:   not tested (possibly the same as UNIX ?)

Easy use:       Put one tree in a file called mastertree. Put
                the other tree in a file called treefile. Then
                type compare2trees (= start the compare2trees
                program from the directory where mastertree and
                treefile reside).  You then will see one of the
                following messages on your terminal:
   Comparing trees from treefile and mastertree ... IDENTICAL

   Comparing trees from treefile and mastertree ... NOT IDENTICAL
                Often you want to compare one mastertree with
                several (possibly different) treefiles.
                To facilitate this compare2trees has the following
                additional feature: It stores information about
                comparisons of previous runs of compare2trees in
                a file called countfile. This countfile
                has precisely two numbers in it. In the first
                line you find the number of runs of compare2trees.
                In the second line run there is the number of
                *successful* runs of compare2trees. compare2trees
                does NOT create this countfile, it reads and changes
                it only if it is already present when compare2trees
                is called. If you want to use the countfile feature
                you therefore have to create a fresh countfile with
                this content
                When you now call compare2trees you will see that
                it will be changed to
                or to
                You will notice that compare2trees now also prints
                a message about the content of the countfile, in the
                last case
                --- Now there are 1 identical trees out of 1 ---


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