Evolution has stopped + funny chaos feeling

Robert B. Hole rbh2 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Sat May 6 20:14:15 EST 1995

The answer to whether humans will change in a dramatic way in the future 
depends on what the question really is. How do you define dramatic, and 
how do you define future?

In a thousand years, maybe not. But then in the last 500 the average 
height of people of European descent has increase about a foot. This is 
mostly due to nutritional factors, but there is a genetic componant, I'm 
sure. I think that's pretty dramatic, but you may not.

In a million years? Definately. How, and how much we will change will 
depend on how our environment changes. Our environment changes all the 
time. Who thought fifty years ago that typing on a keyboard would be a 
required skill in order to make a living today?

Environmentally, those prone to skin cancer will be gone- so we'll 
probably be darker as a species average. Those built for cold climes will 
either be spending more on air conditioning or selected against. Myopia 
is no longer being selected against, so bad eyes will probably spread. 
All these will have unforseeable effects on the shape of our species. Who 
knows where we'll end up?

Robert Hole, Jr.
Department of Biological Sciences
Mississippi State University

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