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Mon May 8 22:18:04 EST 1995

In <3olggs$fbn at bruce.uncg.edu> Michael Scotto <mfscotto at iris.uncg.edu> writes: 

>I was just surprised to find that there are
>still people who have such faith in 
>After billions of dollars, years of research,
>and busloads of fossils providing what one
>eminent scientist referred to as less than a
>coffin-full of "evidence", I would think you
>people would have moved on by now.
>But alas... the vanity continues...
>Such Faith!
>"As by this theory innumerable transitional
>forms must have existed, why do we not find
>them embedded in countless numbers in the
>crust of the earth?"
>                                 Charles Darwin

And pray tell us where U R going w/this.  Molecular biology has inrefutably
set out the theoretical basis for evolution.  Population biol & biogeog has provided
us with adequate experimental data.  Thus if this is a pitch for creationism, then
maybe it should evolve to where it is willing to discuss it openly.

Esat Atiikan

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