vegetarian carnavors

Ian Lewis ian.lewis at ccg.dialix.oz.au
Thu May 11 02:37:00 EST 1995

    I was fortunate enough to be visited by a SWAT team of
Jahova's Witnesses yesterday. I was amazed to learn that
before the great flood (The Ark etc.) all animals where
vegetarian. I started thinking of some unusual "creations". 

- A grass eating african cheetah capable of 80 km/hr speeds. 
- An echidna licking up leaf litter.
- A T-Rex munching up veg with those dagger like teeth.

There must be some good disfunctional examples I just can't
think of right now.

Ian Lewis
............hidden in Cooran Queensland

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* UniQWK v3.3a* The Windows Mail Reader

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