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Anyone else notice

	Robertson, Michael P., and Stanley L. Miller
	1995	"Prebiotic Synthesis of 5-Substituted
		Uracils:  A Bridge Between the RNA
		World and the DNA-Protein World",
		Science, volume 268, pages 702-704
		(5 May 1995)

?  There's no mention of it in "This Week in Science", the journal's
up-front synopsis of what's hot; this surprises me, as it sure looks
like the sort of article that will grab many readers.  There's a bit
of speculation in the closing paragraphs, but it's adequately labeled,
and the organic chemistry which is at the heart of the article is, as
far as I know, both novel and of interest to everyone working in
protobiology.  It offers to tie up a number of loose ends--most
notably, construction of the complement of amino acids of biological
relevance--and the authors certainly are prestigious enough.  How do
others read it?

I've emailed a courtesy copy of this note to the corresponding co-author,
and narrowed follow-ups.

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