1995 Faith

Christopher Hsiung chsiung at acs.ucalgary.ca
Sat May 13 19:08:58 EST 1995

I'll add my little two bits worth to this evolution argument (I hope you 
haven't had too much mail flooding your account).

The quotes on evolution are valid because when Darwin first wrote his 
book, it was merely a hypothesis that seems to fit the facts (as many 
other theories do). Fossils aren't very definitive proofs because it's 
like piecing together history from just the remains. The argument I find 
more convincing though is the very recent evidence coming from DNA 
analysis. Between a ape and a man there is only a one person difference 
in their DNA strain. Between all mammals, DNA differs less than ten 

If one thinks about the billions of years that have passed by (based on 
rock samples and estimated age of the earth) the reshuffling of DNA over 
the years based on chance would seem to fit the things we observe about 
our DNA and the animals around us. I just described part of what 

DNA is strong evidence and proof that can be tested by scientists, heck 
even my science students. It's repeatable. Therein lies my faith, faith 
that is rooted in observation. I am prepared for other suggestions 
though; it would just take evidence as strong as DNA!

I throw this in as a last comment. I think religion and science are based 
on two separate grounds. Religion is based on faith. Science is based on 
observation (empirical evidence). By my definition, faith has more to do 
with making a leap of faith. I would not use the term to say, "I have 
faith that this rock will fall to the Earth." I know a cause - the 
Earth's gravitational pull - and I can support it with evidence in the 
moon, around me, and below me. 

Ah well, there is that. Not a full argument, but enough of one. Feel free 
to reply.


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