horz xfer, prok to animal

Rob Powell rpowell at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Mon May 15 11:05:38 EST 1995

We have come across/developed a method which allows the direct transfer of 
DNA sequences from invasive intracellular prokaryotes to animal cells. Our 
interest has been in delivering functional eukaryotic expression cassettes 
(aka polynucleotide vaccines) but obviously there are far reaching 
consequences if such transfer is also occuring naturally. We have every 
reason that it could well occur albeit at a very low level (we have 
introduced attenuations to increase the efficancy to 1-5% of animal cells). 
What I wondered was if there is any evidence (theoretical or otherwise) to 
suggest that there has been/is horizontal DNA transfer between 
prokaryotes and animals. I am aware of examples such as Agrobacterium and 
Rhizobium in the plant kingdom but of no  examples from animals/higher 

If anyone can provide me with any pointers/info I would really appreciate 

Thanks,   Rob Powell

PS, As my access to newsgroups is somewhat flakey at times could you 
please cc any replies to my email address also.

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