re ci, ri, tree length

Essop, FM, Dr MFESSOP at chempath.uct.ac.za
Mon May 15 02:51:46 EST 1995

I have noticed Mark Siddall's response to my "naive" questions 
regarding ci's , ri's etc.   For his information, I have been doing 
various analyses on my data set (with Hennig86) and found the results 
confusing.  This confusion led to my questions regarding the EXACT 
meaning of these indices.  When I performed such analyses at 
different error values, Hennig86 produced different trees.  The 
problem I've got is one of being totally objective in my analysis.   
Which tree is the correct tree ?   I can actually select a tree to my 
fancy - isn't this subjective ?   In the light of THESE observations, 
I raised my questions as to what EXACTLY these values mean.  Where is 
the cut-off value ?  How then should one "decide" what the best tree 
is ?  These questions have unfortunately not been answered.  

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