Sequence data and cladistics

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Wed May 17 00:07:57 EST 1995

Thanks to Ted for maiking the all-too-relevant point that the clock 
does not exist. "It's later than you think!"  :)
In my continuing interests of developing weird and wonderful ways of 
fiddling with Hennig86, I have recently created "slipshod"
that will try to objectively tell you regions of your sequence alignment
that are problematic.  It is based on an idea Farris had vis a vis 
crapping out scopes of characters and reanalyzing (as opposed to the 
bootstrap approach of randomly reweighting some) and will give a table of
effects on #trees, #steps and RI.
It will be released in RandomCladistics version 3 in a couple of months.


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