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Wed May 24 07:50:56 EST 1995

In article <ralph.1151399472A at>, ralph at ccit.arizona.edu (Ralph M Bernstein) says:
>previously posted
>>I think there should be a recombination news group.... perhaps
>>or bionet.genes.recombination
>>It could focus on Recombination as a legitimate topic in science and not just
>>a tool linkage studies or gene targeting
>>Topics  could include topological constraints and recombination (supercoiling)
>>Chromosome structure and recombination (involvement of Bent DNA, Z-DNA and
>>Replication/transcription and recombination
>>Site Directed recombinases and recombination
>>General models of Recombination
>>Help for those molecular biologist with problems in gene targeting or construct
>>I think there is definately a nich to be filled and one that is needed
>>If anyone agrees please post here !!!
>>Graham Dellaire                 Snail Mail:
>well, i'm posting here.  i think it would be a great idea.  i dont know if
>many people would actually use it though?
>regards, ralph
>Ralph M. Bernstein
>Dept of Micro/Immuno
>University of Arizona
>Ph: 602 626 2585
>Fx: 602 626 2100

I certainly would!

     Regards, Mark.

M. Bromley,
School of Biological Sciences,
University of Wales, Swansea.

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