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In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950525120033.925C-100000 at uhunix4.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>,
Steve Palumbi <palumbi at UHUNIX.UHCC.HAWAII.EDU> wrote:
>Tom Little asks about managing plotfile from PHYLIP on a mac. Our 
>solution has been to save it as a PICT file (there is an option for this 
>in one of the plotfile menus), open it with Canvas, save it as a PICT 
>file from Canvas, and then work with it in MacDraw II> MD II won't open 
>it without laundering it through Canvas. Perhaps there is a less 
>labrynthine method.

I suspect that this is not necessary in our latest version (3.56).  We have,
I think, fixed that bug.  Folks should let us know if we haven't.

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