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Lluis Ribas <lluis at aaRS> wrote:
>Thomas Little (thomasli at uoguelph.ca) wrote:
>: I just started using PHYLIP on a MacIntosh and am having trouble with two 
>: things.  First, how do you print the plotfiles? My trees look nice on 
>: preview but getting them to paper has proven difficult. Second, has 
>: anybody successfully saved a plotfile as PICT? I have not been able to do 
>: this either.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated. 
>  The way I do it is save them as PICT and open them with MacDraw.
>  Then it is easy to edit them and print them is, of course, trivial.

Some recent versions of PHYLIP Mac executables did not produce valid PICT
files.  We think we have fixed this (although some users report that with
draw programs such as Canvas our PICT files are truncated -- all we know is
that they do work on MacDraw).  Thus it is possible that both of you are
right  -- for different versions.  I would recommend replacing your
executables by the latest ones if you have PICT problems.

Can do this by WWW:  http://evolution.genetics.washington.edu/phylip.html

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