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>> Tom Little asks about managing plotfile from PHYLIP on a mac. Our 
>> solution has been to save it as a PICT file (there is an option for this 
>> in one of the plotfile menus), open it with Canvas, save it as a PICT 
>> file from Canvas, and then work with it in MacDraw II> MD II won't open 
>> it without laundering it through Canvas. Perhaps there is a less 
>> labrynthine method.
>> Steve Palumbi
> Some weeks ago I found a program called NJPlot that can read the treefile.
> produced by PHYLIP. From NJPlot you can save the tree as a PICT file.  The
> program was written by Manolo Gouy.  I got the program using Gopher, but
> now I can't remember where I got it from.  I remember that it is located in
> the same machine that has the new version of Clustal (W), maybe somewhere
> in England.

NJPLOT is indeed a lovely simple to use program from Manolo Gouy which
runs on MAC only and produces PICT files from PHYLIP format trees.
It can also read bootstrap information from Clustal W bootstrap
files (*.phb).  we include it with Clustal W (for mac) but is
also available on its own from the EMBL file server ....

anonymous ftp to


and get file:


MANY THANKS to Manolo Gouy for getting us off the hook with regard to 
displaying trees on macs.

Des Higgins

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