Christoph Grunau cgrunau at rkna50.riken.go.jp
Sun May 28 09:40:20 EST 1995

In article <3q0fed$7ta at ccshst05.cs.uoguelph.ca>, thomasli at uoguelph.ca
(Thomas Little) wrote:

> I just started using PHYLIP on a MacIntosh and am having trouble with two 
> things.  First, how do you print the plotfiles? My trees look nice on 
> preview but getting them to paper has proven difficult.

We use the program "DropPS" which prints (E)PS files on a Macintosh network
printer. Works without problems and is freeware. If necessary I could find
it for you on the net.

Hope this helps. Good luck - Christoph Grunau

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